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Double even numbers are even numbers that divide into two more even numbers.  For example, 4/2=2, i.e. 2 is another even number.  Whereas, 6/2=3, i.e. it ends in an odd number so 6 is just a simple even number - it can't be divided again.  Triple even numbers can be divided three times before they end in an odd number, e.g. 8/2=4, 4/2=2 & 2/2=1.

The even numbers between 0-130 have the following number of divisions:

However, it's hard to see any pattern so it's easier to focus on just the lines that start in multiples of single odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9.

Then, if you take those lines out of the first group, some interesting patterns start to emerge.

Infinitely even number (iE) infinity x Even
Simple even numbers (E) 1x Even
Double even numbers (dE) 2x Even
Triple even numbers (tE) 3x Even
Quadruple even numbers (qE) 4x Even
Quintuple even numbers (quE) 5x Even - or Pentuple even numbers
Sextuple even numbers (sE) 6x Even - or Hextuple even numbers
Septuple even numbers (seE) 7x Even - or Heptuple even numbers
Octuple even numbers (oE) 8x Even
Nonuple even numbers (nE) 9x Even

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Acknowledgments: Adrian Miller